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Hard and Complex versus Impossible and Bizarre — May 27, 2015

Hard and Complex versus Impossible and Bizarre


The Red Pen of Doom

This is about why Flappy Bird was such a surprise hit, Taylor Swift’s newest mega-video is meh and why your favorite movies, novels and video games work when others fail.

Here’s why: audiences want something interesting, and entertaining, which means different and surprising. Yet there’s a fuzzy line between Hard and Impossible and a deadly chasm between Complex and Bizarre.

It’s like thinking, “chocolate chip cookies are yummy, so why not chocolate chip cookies with almonds, M & M’s, pecans, Oreo sprinkles, peanut butter and a Snicker’s Bar on top?”

Watch the big Taylor Swift video, BAD BLOOD, then we’ll chat.

Now, this has high production values and great costumes, and I’m sure Michael Bay watched it on an endless loop all weekend. Yet it’s not elegantly complex and entertaining. It’s is a hot mess, the music video equivalent of THE EXPENDABLES, with so many random stars thrown in for cameos that…

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P R O L O G — May 19, 2015


sorry for using my mother tongue language, it’s just hard to either describe or explain it in english. the thing is you should keep your eyes open especially to boys around you!

abusive parents especially dads may be the reason why i experience this shit.oh, sorry bad language; but yeah i’m tellin’ you the truth! it keeps me blind these times.you see, this fat, ugly, poor (he’s seriously poor trust me), abusive, horny, idiot and possessive guy had been my (mind to say this) my “boyfriend” for eventually 8 months but since i only count it as 4 so it’s more like a 4 month enjoyment and a 4 month of i-hate-myself-for-loving-you.
when you read this, you can either laugh or say i’m ridiculous;but seriously i have been through hard times; depression, overdose of fear, guiltiness and excessive self-protection. i did not see that coming i would say when my closest friends ‘who just knew about it’ asked.
luckily, my parents even though could be very abusive are so talkative about love, lust and sex (esp. dad) which makes me alert in what that calf is doin’ on me. i admit it proudly that I AM STILL A VIRGIN cause i’m saved by God and the prayers of my parents.
well, to know the detailed story, just keep up with my page k?
thank you for reading.


hola — May 17, 2015


greetings everyone! i’m just the wanna – be – but – not – so wise mortal! I’m here trying to expose my interest in writing so hope will either enjoy or inspired by my writings!

Halo dunia! —